The Story So Far
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chapter 1: in which we meet Giv

Here are some things I know:

  • Great olive oil and good, flaky sea salt will make almost anything taste good;
  • Love will change you;
  • Emma Thompson is absolutely glorious;
  • Pickled carrots are awesome;
  • Pickled garlic is also awesome;
  • Reading a book is an incredible gift to give yourself;
  • Commuting in London will make even the most sane and well-balanced people want to punch random strangers in the throat;
  • Everyday magic exists;
  • Me and mussels will always have a tense relationship;
  • Sometimes it can be hard to be kind, but it’s worth the effort;
  • Sleep will solve almost anything;
  • Nat King Cole’s voice and (most of) Thomas Newman’s music are like balm for the soul;
  • A good laugh and a good cry are sometimes completely necessary and should be actively encouraged;
  • Travel and food are two of the great joys of life;
  • Often doing what requires effort is better than doing what is easy; and
  • Leftover pizza makes a perfectly respectable breakfast.

While that’s not quite me bounded in a nutshell, I think it gives you a good idea. At least to begin with. I am a writer, traveller, lover of food. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and I’m lucky enough that my best friend is also my boyfriend of seven years. I love wine, and think a dry martini or a great scotch is brilliant when days get tough. Coffee from my much-loved bialetti is one of my favourite daily rituals. I think yoga is a fantastic way to find a little slice of calm in a busy week. And I love to cook – anything and everything.


Speaking of: the heart of this blog is about food. About the restorative powers of cooking. Of finding passion in the rise of a loaf of bread, the smell of gumbo, the colour of homemade marmalade. And cultivating a slower pace. It’s about me, by and large, and the weird and wonderful things in my particular life.

I think it’s going to be fun.

For now, have a read through some of the posts, get in touch, follow me on Twitter and keep reading!

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Glasgow-based writer | editor | freelancer | traveller | lover of food | drinker of wine | coffee fiend | book addict | digital content specialist | hopeless basket case


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