"To Do" List
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the “to do” list

First things first: I should tell you that this is probably not a “to do” list I will finish honestly. Not because the intention isn’t there, but because I started it when I was about 7 years old. And when one is 7 one thinks that going into space and getting kissed by Brad Pitt are fairly achievable life goals (this is why I have ticked off No. 15 “Go into space” by adding a small note: “Went to Planetarium on school trip – it counts.”). So prepare for a little creativity in my interpretation of some of these items.

The notebook that contains The List.

The notebook that contains The List.

The List came into existence on scraps of paper; I would scribble things down when they popped into my head and then hoard the scraps and bits of paper away, or, more likely (I was little), lost them. So at some point over the years, probably around the time we lived in Glastonbury (I’m guessing based on the style of the notebook), I consolidated it all into one book. And thus The List was born.


I’ve been steadily ticking things off for years – often with year-long gaps between doing any, and then looking back and realising I’ve done some accidentally just by living and doing things. But that counts, too.

Currently there are 245 items on The List and I’ve done a fair few, got my eye set on a couple, and have no idea how I’m going to do some (No. 34 “Be specially chosen by the Queen/MI6 for a mission” – I date this one to around age 8 or 9). I’m going to tell you about some of the ones I’ve done and give you a heads up when I’m about to attempt one… This is gonna be fun.


    • Thanks! Always good to set the bar pretty damn high! In fact – I ticked one off just by publishing the blog… Slowly but surely!

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